About Me


In no particular order:

  • I married my high school sweetheart after 7 years of long distance dating.
  • Audiophile. Not only do I love music, mainly EDM and hip-hop, but I also love audio equipment. I started with headphone audio, but it grew from there. I have a pair of three way Pioneer tower speakers in stereo for my home theatre system, and I have a Logitech MEGABOOM Bluetooth speaker. I also have a discontinued Pioneer XW-SMA4 Airplay speaker, all which is a lot of sound quality to pack into a studio apartment.
  • Technology. I love gadgets in general, and Apple makes the best computers. I try to avoid the Android vs Apple flame wars by reading amazing commentary by people like Neil Cybart, Horace Dediu, and Ben Bajarin, amongst others.
  • I'm Vietnamese, and my parents fled Vietnam after the war. 
  • I write a weekly blog, which started in August 2015 when I wrote about my experience being sexually abused as a child. I describe my weekly experiences in terms of mental health, surviving, and living a full life.