On Burnout

A learning that caught me by surprise is how Carrie's burnout has affected me. I'm also feeling burned out from picking up the pieces as she worked, schooled, and quit work, so my life has taken a couple leaps back in the interest of survival. No more social media, no more games on my phone, and no more hobby side projects. I do my one job at Telus, I enjoy nature and human interaction, and it's all I can do to write this post.

I don't imagine many people are looking for me except for people following my goose posts on Instagram, but if you are looking, call or text me. Oh wait, I'm going to Europe starting July 20, so I guess I won't see you. We have no plans besides flights and accommodations, so it should be extremely comfortable; I may do some soul searching.

Her post (linked in the title) is password protected, so you have to ask her for the password if you want to know what's been ailing us.

A N Wilson: Why I believe again


As a hesitant, doubting, religious man I'd never known how they felt. But, as a born-again atheist, I now knew exactly what satisfactions were on offer. For the first time in my 38 years I was at one with my own generation. I had become like one of the Billy Grahamites, only in reverse.

I'm always interested in hearing about why people cross the aisle. In this case, A N Willson crosses it twice, which is how I imagine the disciples felt when Jesus died and rose again. They lost their faith when he died, but regained it when they saw him again.